Transformative Mediation Skills and Principles - 25 September 2024

25 Sep 2024
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25 Sep 2024 London CIArb £400.00


Transformative Mediation

This exciting new course explores the theory and practice principles of transformative mediation with empowerment and acknowledgement at its' heart. Transformative mediation is frequently used in workplace and team mediations, but is equally applicable to business mediations.

We will explore the goals, tools and role of the mediator in this unique form of mediation.

Essentially, the mediator helps the participants to change the quality of their conflict interaction and the way they deal with conflict both in the present and in the future. The mediator role is a very different one to that of facilitative mediator.

Learn the theory and practice principles of transformative mediation in this one day course.

The morning session will comprise the theory and practice principles.

The afternoon session will comprise of one extensive role play that demonstrates the theory and practice of transformative mediation.

Registration is at 0930. The course closes 1700.

Transformative Mediation 

Course Programme:

0915 - Registration

0930 - Course commences with introductions

0945 - Introduction to transformatve mediation

1000 - Empowerment - what is it and why is it important?

1010 - Recognition - what is it and why is it important?

1020 - The conflict shift

1030 - Hallmarks of transformative mediation

1040 - How does transformative mediation differ from facilitative mediation?

1100 - Break

1115 - The role of the transformative mediator

1125 - The language of empowerment and recognition

1140 - Close listening and supportive responses,

1150 - Reflecting and sumarising

1200 - Checking in and silence

1210 - Avoiding directive responses

1220 - Transformative mediation principles

1230 - Lunch

1330 - Role play exercise

1700 - Close

Please note that if this course is undersubscribed we will move to online delivery.  Please check with us before booking any travel



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