Mediation Courses


LSM offers a flexible approach to training as a mediator. 

You can opt for our full course (40 hours over 5 days), or you can take the course over 2 non-consecutive weekends (40 hours over 4 days).

If taking 5 days our of work is not an option, you wish to spread the training over a number of months, you might opt for our Modular Course. Module 1 is the Monday of the full couse, Module 2 is the Tuesday and Wednesday of the fulll course and Module 3 is the Thursday and Friday of the full course. You achieve the same qualification if you opt for the modular course.

We regularly provide in-house courses for those who need to train 10 or more staff.

We also have a non-accredited 3 day Workplace Certificate in Mediation Skills, which you can subsequently convert into the full accredited qualification. The non-accredited course is designed for staff  providing conflict avoidance and conflict resolution shkillls their in-house (as opposed to the public at large).

We also offer a range of one day advanced courses and CPD days for qualified mediators.

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