London Accredited Mediation Course 15-19 July 2024

15 - 19 Jul 2024
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5 Days (40 Hours) £2250.00 + VAT

Course code: LSMLON07/24

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15 - 19 Jul 2024 London CIArb Fully Booked
16 - 20 Sep 2024 London CIArb 2 Spaces Left £2250.00
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Simply the best training course I have ever done. - QC, London



Achieve recognised accreditation as a mediator in 5 days

Train with internationally-renowned, highly-experienced tutors, combining classroom and practical sessions, workshops, mentoring, examination and assessment to help you qualify as a professional mediator.

  • 15-19 July 2024, London

    5-day course: 40 hours
    Qualification: Accredited mediator
    Lead tutors: Judith Kelbie and Tessa Herman

    Bringing mediation to life

    We combine dedicated classroom training, practical, immersive learning, and role play workshop sessions to bring your mediation course to life. You will benefit from our optimised 1:6 tutor to delegate ratio for personalised learning. Every course is tailored for each unique group of delegates to best support your individual training needs. Our accredited mediator course includes a full independent assessment, personal coaching and feedback, and a written examination, helping you to achieve recognised accreditation as a mediator in just 5 days.

    For UK mediators, the CMC require us to record a sample of our student’s assessments for audit purposes.

    If you are chosen at random to be recorded, your assessment recording will be submitted to CMC who will pass it to a moderator to view. The result provided by LSM will stand irrespective if any view taken by the moderator.

    The aim of this process is to check the quality of output of mediation training courses.

    LSM’s accredited mediation course meets and exceeds all current and anticipated UK standards, and is recognised in many parts of the world.

    You may also be interested in our modular course which splits this course into 3 parts.


  • You will receive expert training in the theoretical and practical skills you will need to be a professional mediator. At the end of the course, you should be able to:

    • Develop and refine questioning techniques.
    • Manage the mediation process effectively.
    • Settle disputes and conflicts effectively.
    • Develop and refine negotiation skills.
    • Move beyond intractability.
    • Transform the way you and others communicate verbally and non-verbally.
    • Encourage participants through neutral language towards settlement.
  • We recommend this course for:

    • Lawyers
    • Workplace managers and team leaders
    • Welfare and equality officers
    • HR professionals
    • Business executives
    • NHS, government and military leaders
    • Trade union representatives
    • Complaint handlers
    • Counsellors
    • Coaches
    • Educators
    • Religious leaders
    • International peace keepers
    • Journalists

    This is not an exhaustive list and we welcome delegates from a wide range of backgrounds.


  • Course Schedule

    LSM's courses follow a highly successful model with a 1:6 tutor to delegate ratio. The training is intensive but delegates report that the sheer immersion and excitement of the subject ensures continual engagement. 

    Day 1
    Monday 09:30 -18:30


    Mediation theory


    Active listening and questioning skills


    Mediation skills and process

    Demonstration opening

    First role plays

    Day 2
    Tuesday 09:00 -18:30

    Non-Verbal Communication

    The agreement to mediate

    Threats to process

    Unrepresented people

    Consolidation of learning through role play

    Day 3
    Wednesday 09:00 -18:30

    Mediation ethics

    Consolidation of learning through role play

    Examination is issued at the end of the day

    Day 4
    Thursday 09:00 -18:30

    Examination hand in

    Final non-assessed role plays

    Assessment briefing

    Independent assessments

    Day 5
    Friday 09:00 -18:30

    Independent assessments

    Next Steps

    Individual debriefs

    • Support and ethical guidance are offered.
  • Simply the best training course I have ever done. - QC, London
    Blessed with wonderful tutors. - Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bristol
    The course was very detailed and well organised. I loved the teaching style which allowed me to feel comfortable especially when I did not understand something. I would recommend this course to anyone. - HR Professional, London


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