In-House Courses


Benefits to your organisation

Employees spend on average more than 2 hours a week dealing with conflict situations. Managers, Employee Relations and HR professionals will generally spend in excess of this time.  Studies show that 1 in 4 employees are in a conflict situation.

A smooth-running operation leads to good morale. Needless inter personal conflicts not only cost your organisation valuable time and money but also negatively impact your employees' working environment and may also cause reputational damage. By having a few well-placed employees with relevant mediation skills to deal with employee conflicts you can ensure greater job satisfaction within your workforce.

Improve efficiency

Training key staff as either mediators, or in the basics of conflict avoidance, conflict management and conflict resolution skills will result in early resolution of conflict in the workplace. This leads to valuable savings in lost operational time with the subsequent increase in profit. Reducing office friction increases morale and job satisfaction for all employees.

Reduce HR costs

HR departments are now using Mediation to effectively deal with workplace and employment disputes, saving time, money, and management time. Used effectively, mediation can shorten the length of disputes and allow organisations to focus on their core business,avoid potential additional legal costs and avoid damage to their reputation. Mediation is quick, creative, effective, confidential and cost efficient.

Having staff with the relevant conflict resolution skills leads to more successful outcomes. Grievance and disciplinary procedures rarely resolve the root cause of the issue. Mediation allows employees with a grievance to create solutions which they own and which are durable. Mediation can be applied in appropriate disciplinary cases, retaining staff with knowledge and skills in the business, saving recruitment and retraining costs.

HR and lost operational time will be dramatically reduced.

Training tailored to your business

View our available courses to bring the benefits of a trained mediator to your business. Alternatively, contact us to discuss how LSM can provide in house training tailored to your specific needs to ensure it is as relevant as possible.  Our courses are highly practical and relevant to the types of conflict that occur in many organisations.

Our standard courses may be delivered flexibly, or compressed to meet your time frame and staff availability.
Our three-day Certificate in Workplace and Employment Mediation Skills can be delivered in house either during one week or over a period of weeks. There is the option to go on to become an accredited mediator after successful completion of the certificate.

Organisations we have worked with

We have delivered in-house training for a wide range of public and private sector organisations as well as international organisations. These include NHS Trusts, engineering companies, car manufacturers, supermarkets, farming industry, the Judiciary in the UK and overseas, barristers' chambers, law firms, social workers, police and crime commissioners, ombudsmen and European parliamentary groups.

Standard courses frequently delivered in house

5 day accredited mediator training
3 day Certificate in Workplace and Employment Mediation Skills (this course is not for those providing mediation to the public at large)
2 day mediation skills training
1 day Introduction to Mediation for HR business partners, employee relations and line managers
1 day Mediation Skills for Managers
1 day Handling Difficult Conversations
1 day Effective Communication Skills
1 day Representing Clients at Mediation

Businesses are increasingly using Mediation

Mediation is being used on a regular basis in place of grievance and disciplinary procedures which have been shown to be ineffective in resolving disputes.

Contact us to discuss your needs

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