About Us

The London School of Mediation

World Class Training

The London School of Mediation is one of the world’s leading organisations for mediation training. We are unique in the support we provide for alumni, on the courses and afterwards. We are passionate about mediation and its role in business, for the workplace, in commercial and insurance disputes, medical matters, the community, property, employment and human rights.  

We know our trained mediators make a difference and will enjoy and profit from the skills they develop in the School. The feedback is extraordinary. Talk to us: find out why more than 50% of all our course places are filled on the personal recommendation of our alumni. In recent courses we have had the partners, spouses, and children of four sets of alumni all attending on their recommendation. We do not hard sell – and are happy to discuss how you want to learn and build your own mediation future.

We are here to help. Let us know your needs: we are here to help, and pass on our passion - mediation.  We are one of ten recognised CMC Training Providers: this is the quality mark you should seek.  You should also ensure that passing the course leads to recognition as a Certified Mediator.

Call us on +44 (0) 207 583 0444 or email london@schoolofmediation.org




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