International Cross-cultural Transformative Team Co-mediation

LSM has just successfully completed an international cross-cultural transformative team co-mediation that arose from Covid-19 issues. This complex, multi-party mediation was completed online. It was challenging, stimulating and hugely rewarding to encourage the team to explore how they could pull together in the future and heal the damaged trust that emerged from the unmanaged conflict.

Many disputes are taking root especially in remote working environments. Left untapped, these disputes grow to the point that whole teams can become entirely dysfunctional. Addressing these conflict situations through transformational mediation skills allows the team to pull together rather than apart, building their own roadmap for the future.

So much operational time is lost through conflict situations that are either not identified or not managed. Great to see this team get back on track with a clear vision of where they need to work to avoid recurrence. LSM’s faculty are experts in mediation techniques and are ready to help your organisation to effectively deal with team conflict situations. Call us for a no obligation chat to find out if mediation, facilitation or negotiation will help your business.