Benefits to Your Organisation

Improve the efficiency of your office

Training key staff as either mediators, or in the basics of conflict resolution skills will result in early resolution of conflict in the workplace. This will lead to valuable savings in loss of operational time, which equate to savings in profit. 

Reducing office friction increases job satisfaction for all employees

A smooth running operation is a happy organisation. Needless inter personal conflicts not only cost your organisation valuable time and money as discussed above but also harm your employees working environment. By having a few well placed employees with the correct mediation experience to deal with employee conflicts you can ensure your workplace is happy one.

Reduce your HR costs

When disciplinary procedures are unavoidable make sure that the staff dealing with the issue have the correct experience for a more successful outcome. The HR departments of many companies are now using Mediation to deal effectively with workplace and employment disputes, saving time, money and endless hours of management time. Employees with a grievance can help to create solutions which they own and which are durable. Mediation can be applied in appropriate disciplinary cases, retaining staff with knowledge and skills in the business, saving recruitment and retraining costs. If Mediation is used effectively it can shorten the length of disputes and allow companies to focus on their core business and avoid potential additional legal costs. HR time and lost operational time is dramatically reduced. Mediation is fast, effective, confidential and cost effective.

Trained mediators use increasing across the UK

Mediation is being used on a regular basis in all forms of business, including construction, property, insurance, business to business disputes and it is being used by local councils throughout the UK to name but a few.

Tailored training around your business objectives

Training can be tailored to your specific needs to ensure it is as relevant as possible. View our available courses to bring the benefits of a trained mediator to your business.