John Harvey

John Harvey

John has significant experience in aviation having worked for 3 major airlines and in over 8 countries, his understanding of the industry and different cultures is an asset.
John also has over 8 years experience in the insurance industry at Executive/Board Level with a detailed knowledge of high level claims, gives him forensic knowledge in this area.


John is currently a tutor and Director of the London School of Mediation and has been since 2010, he also specialises in marketing and website development for LSM.



Civil Mediation Council.


John studied in the UK and has undertaken numerous management courses at different levels, including Corporate qualifications with the Institute of Directors and has undertaken mediation training in the UK, Europe and Asia.


“John is a firm believer in the benefits of mediation, if used correctly with a good mediator but has seen too many peoples lives adversely affected by prolonged litigation.
“John has good listening skills and an empathy for all kinds of situations.”


John Harvey

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What does a mediation session cost?

The fee is usually split equally between the parties, unless they agree otherwise. We have a fee for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours that includes administration, preparation, travel and the mediation. The parties usually provide the venue.

Areas of mediation

We can offer mediators in the following areas, although the list is not prescriptive:

  • Civil litigation
  • Personal injury
  • Property
  • Inheritance
  • Business disputes
  • Construction
  • Clinical negligence
  • Land
  • S106 planning
  • Professional negligence
  • Occupational stress
  • Landlord and tenant
  • Neighbour
  • Insurance claims
  • Workplace disputes
  • Contract
  • Partnership disagreements